Soils Laboratory

ESNW provides a full-service soils laboratory supporting each of the
divisions in our company by obtaining accurate and timely test results
from our laboratory, provide our clients with concise information
regarding their specific geotechnical and construction observation
needs. Our laboratory testing equipment is periodically calibrated to
maintain the optimum accuracy of our results.

The analyses performed by our soils laboratory include:

  • Soils Strength & Permeability Testing
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Moisture Density Testing
  • CBR (California Bearing Ratio)
  • Organic Matter Content
  • Relative Density
  • 1D Consolidation

  • Proctors
  • Grain Size & Sieve Analyses
  • Unconfined Compression
  • Consolidation Tests
  • Sand Equivalent
  • Hydrometer
  • Direct Shear